Issue 5.2 – Poetry

Issue 5 - Poetry (2)

I was once told that my ego was

“large and off-putting”

But I wonder if what he meant was that my hips were

“large and off-putting”

I’m sure the tiny man in front of me felt my entire being was

“large and off-putting”

Because this man grew up among women who made themselves smaller

He has never known a woman to be

“large and off-putting”

But I have learned from the very best

I have had years and years of training

Surrounded by women who embraced every part of themselves

Who dove head-first into situations they were told they did not belong

Who spoke up in moments silence was thrust upon them

Who told their daughters not to be victims

Who paved the roads we march on

So yes, I am

“Large and off-putting”

So that men like you would be put off


Marie Lance is a recent graduate of Denison University where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Chemistry. A self-described “concrete thinker” and “recovering poetry hater”, Marie found writing to be the only way she could express her grief after her Dad died in November of 2016. She currently lives in Delaware, Ohio where she works several odd jobs and entertains the dream of someday being a teacher. She can be found on Twitter @LadyMarieWrites and Instagram @lady.marie.writes. She would like to give a special thanks to the Death and Dying Poetry Club for all their support and encouragement. 

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