The Little Things – Microwork

A Wish Come True

After that spring, despite pretty blossoms, Lexi never felt safe again. Months later, cross-legged on the grass on a bright summer’s day, she copies her older cousin, chubby fingers squashing petals of daisies in poor imitation of “he loves me, he loves me not”. When her uncle hunkers beside her, she shrinks from him and throws the flowers down. In Autumn, watching tawny leaves fall, she remembers all the horrible things he’d done to her. Holding her teddybear tightly, eyes closed, she wished really hard. When he died in that winter of withered hedgerows, Lexi knew she had magical powers.

Jenny ButlerJenny Butler is from Dublin, Ireland and writes about the dark underbelly of life’s surface existence. She has had short stories published in The Raven’s Perch Literary MagazineFictive Dream MagazineLiterary Orphans Literary MagazineCorvus ReviewThe Flexible Persona Literary JournalTales from the Forest Magazine, The Roaring MuseMulberry Fork ReviewKilljoyFireflyThe Ginger CollectFoliate Oak Literary Magazine, and Flash Fiction Magazine. Her piece titled ‘Apophenia’ was nominated for the Best Small Fictions Anthology 2018. You can read more about her on her website You can also find her on Twitter @jenny_butler_ and Instagram @spiral_eyed_grrl

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