Issue 12.1 – Poetry

Issue 12 - Poetry

bonnie & clyde

have nothing on us.


me, a cannonball, firing 120 mph

towards the storm of your heart,

desecrating cities as a consequence.

(tell me, dear, don’t you love a sad story?)


you, a kaleidoscope tsunami overtaking

towers of history built on holy ground.


together, we are nothing more than

exhaustion embodied, deflated lungs

heaving nostalgia into double-edged swords

& bruised lips murmuring hushed prayers,

anxious for forgiveness or redemptions

we never blessed upon each other.


on stormy nights, commitment transforms

into damnation―I dissect my heart

with the scalpels of my melancholy

while you drown out apologies

with your whiskey-flavored affairs;

sacrificing other borrowed hearts

to false hope becomes our masquerade.

love is ill-tempered, bathed in the holy sun

& rivaling Icarus’s plight, isn’t it?

devoted to becoming martyrs,

each heartbeat is a waltz to mortal peril.


our legacy: the past, eradicated, & the future,

undiscovered, will make writers ache with abandoned truth.

history will silence the crimes we committed against each other.

history will be a gravely cradle for our hearts.


(life may be law, but love makes fugitives of us all.)

version 2

Kaitlin Smith is a young writer living just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Though she is pursuing a degree in English, words have a funny way of abandoning her at the worst times. Her other interests include photography, debating theoretical multiverse scenarios, and pestering her siblings with story ideas. She can be found on Twitter (@mskaitlinwrites). Her cat is her biggest fan.

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