A Word from the Editor

We’re so pleased to share Issue 1.4 with our readers! We know we’ve said it before, but we can’t help but say it again . . . we are so humbled and pleased by the reception our journal has received. Over the last three weeks, we’ve had thousands of views from twenty-eight countries around the world. That’s right, twenty-eight! We never dreamed our initial launch of the Same would be so well-received. The best part is knowing that our wonderful contributors who have entrusted us with their work are receiving world-wide exposure of their gifted writing.

Part of being a new journal is learning the ropes and expanding your initial vision of what you wanted to offer the world. In line with that idea, we are excited to announce two new categories. The first is “New Voices.” This is a non-fiction sub-category of submissions. We truly believe that every woman has a story to tell, but not all women consider themselves to be “writers.” We would love to give these women a platform to share their stories with the world. The second new category of submissions is “Interviews.” We know so many of you have incredible older women in your life who have impacted you and made a difference in your life. Maybe it’s a former teacher, your grandmother, an aunt, or an older friend. They’re not writers themselves, but they have an incredible story we’d love to hear. We would love for you to interview them and share their stories with us. For more information on submitting to these categories, visit our “Submissions” page.

In today’s Issue 1.4, we are so excited to share a poignant look back at her mother’s life and impact on her own life by Cheryl Peyton in her nonfiction piece, “What a Way to Make a Livin’.” In “Homeland Security”, a short story by Kathy Stevenson, we get a chilling look at apocalyptic events in an imagined American future. Finally, Shirley Luke shares with us a moment from her experience as a woman of color and a mother in her gut-checking poem, “Eyes on My Child.”

We hope you will enjoy these three pieces by these three talented women writers. Please follow their links and connect with them on social media and at their respective online homes. Let them know you enjoyed their work. Help us in our mission of elevating and celebrating the voices of women and girls by telling someone about our journal. When we lift each other up, we all succeed!

Rachel Holbrook
Editor at the Same

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