A Word from the Editor

Issue 2 is here! However, we can’t help but take a moment and say thank you to our readers for making our first issue so successful. We launched our journal a month ago, and, in that month, it has reached readers around the world . . . 4,000+ views in 31 different countries! We are thrilled at the reach our contributors’ work has had! We can’t wait to see how far we’ll go with Issue 2!

In Issue 2.1, we are excited to bring you a nonfiction piece in which Anusha Srinivasan recounts scenes from her childhood, a flash fiction piece about the push and pull of a woman’s need to leave an abusive relationship by Rebecca Williams, and a powerful poem capturing a moment of motherhood by Julie Ramon. We hope you will take the time to connect with these talented women on their websites and social media.

We appreciate the way our readers have shared our journal with other readers (and writers!), and are proud to facilitate the connections between women regardless of the differences that sometimes divide us. We are very proud to be a diverse journal, publishing work by women from around the world. Thank you for continuing to share our journal with new readers!


Rachel Holbrook, Editor

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