A Word from the Editor

Issue 2.2 is here, and I’m excited to share three new pieces with our readers. When we launched the Same just a few short weeks ago, we never imagined it would take off the way it has. With regular readers from around the world (40 countries and counting!) and contributors from many countries, our readership is growing each and every week. That makes us happy for ourselves, but especially happy for our contributors. We love knowing that the work they’ve shared with us is reaching a broad audience!

I’ve been asked how best to support the Same and I’m grateful that people believe in our journal and our mission enough to want to help. I thought I’d take the opportunity to answer that question here. The very best way to support our efforts is to share our links. Sharing our links on Facebook and re-tweeting them on Twitter helps us connect with potential readers and future contributors. Thank you in advance for helping us spread the word!

We hope you will enjoy Issue 2.2! In this issue, you will find a gorgeous essay by Linda Trinh, a short story by Nikki Smith that I know many women will relate to, and a lovely poem about the relationship between a mother and her daughter by Sarah Clayville. Check out these authors’ websites and connect with them on social media. If you love their pieces, please let them know!

Here’s to another great issue!


Rachel Holbrook

Editor of the Same

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