A Word from the Editor

We’ve reached the final installment of our second issue . . . Issue 2.5!

For those of you who, like me, are enjoying seeing how our journal’s reach is growing each and every week, I want to share my very favorite statistic—countries the Same is being read in. The total is currently at 61! It boggles my mind that readers in countries that are notorious for being oppressive to women have found this journal and are connecting with the stories of the women who have written for us!

Keep sharing! Keep spreading the word!

As a reminder, don’t forget our Short Story and Nonfiction competitions! Deadlines have  a way of sneaking up on us writers, and I don’t want you to miss it. We want you to know that 12.5% of the $8 reading fee goes to support Care.org, a nonprofit that is empowering women and girls around the world. The rest of the fee will go to support the upkeep and growth of the journal. When the journal generates enough income to be self-sufficient, we will then start paying cash to contributors for their work. So, rest assured, the small entry fee is supporting the mission of the journal to advance and celebrate the voices of women and girls . . . including yours!

In this week’s issue, we know you’re going to enjoy the personal essay, A Marriage with Mosquito Bites, by Tsara Shelton, the short fiction piece, She, by Devon Fulford, and the poem, Blossoming Reality, by Kayla Bashe. Please connect with these women on their social media platforms and let them know you enjoyed their work!

Thank you for reading and supporting the work we are doing at the Same!

Until next time!

Rachel Holbrook


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