The Little Things – MicroWork

The LittleThings

fair trade
i was too willing
to give him the world
if he would only
keep me in it.

Elizabeth Erhartic PhotoElizabeth Erhartic is a young writer in Charlotte, North Carolina, whose passions include travel, animals, writing, and beautiful differences. A lover of words, she enjoys expression through writing and has previously been published in Broad River Review, After the Pause Literary Magazine, and FishFood Magazine. Elizabeth currently works in civil rights with the Aviation Department at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. You can find her on Twitter at @LizzieJade5.




The Girl Called Atlas

The girl called Atlas lifted the world, piece by piece, onto her shoulders. With every piece that dug into her body, wore her down, broke her, she heard:

You are lucky. That isn’t the real world.

She felt her bones breaking from the weight, and asked:

What made a world real?

They pointed at pieces she did not have: homelessness, bills, lice, hundreds of big and little pieces, and she,

the girl called Atlas, threw all of her pieces off of her shoulders with the realization that her broken body could not carry

A world that is real.

12654312_10207561266286995_5254209732546516398_n (1)Darianne Perez is currently a Senior at Georgia Southern University. She is originally from New Hampshire, and has traveled all over the United States. The opportunity that she had to travel gave her a deep appreciation for the variety of life that the country and the world holds, and how humans are absurd even in the more mundane experiences of life. It is this natural absurdity that interests her as a writer, and she hopes to explore the boundaries of what is realism and what is fantasy in the world of storytelling. Connect with her on Twitter: @Bit_of_Stardust

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