Issue 5.3 – Poetry

Issue 5 - Poetry (3)


You said I was like milk, like a baby

Protected not by strength but innocence

I was afraid I’d never know what it feels like to be loved

Now I am afraid of you


And you stay and stand confused

In anticipation of disarray.

Nobody to save your fragile soul

For you chose the path of self-destruction


You are the rock

Thrown off the edge of the cliff

The moment you hit the water you think you can feel

But you sink.


Menacing against the blind sky

Standing erect, eagerly poised

Loyal to the villain

The first hell shower with devotion and the last


A place intended for amusement

We were not the first to claim but now it’s ours.

A gallery of beauty at the coast, unaware of who we are

Like a paper ribbon bound to dissolve in the salty water


Her impact is ever so sound

Always the beauty, brilliantly bright

Vividly mocking your light-raided soul

The sun never seems to suffer in front of your eyes


I wish I could see myself through my mother’s eyes

Deserving by mere existence

I wish my mother could see herself through my eyes

the most exquisite soul of all

Beams of light breaking through the curtained window

Warmth creeping over naked skin

Expectations rising in the sheets of endless possibilities

On the brink yet vast asleep, bracing for the disenchantment


I found you in the sea, far from where I was heading

Dark trees against the silent sky

In this island I can trust

Able to swallow me whole


bineta-e-robbe.jpgBineta Elisabeth Robbe, 22, *16.11.1994, born in Cologne, Germany, to a German mother and Senegalese father, studied (B.A.) business psychology in Hamburg and New York. She lived in Auckland, New Zealand for two years where she graduated from college and learned to love the English language and poetry. Travelling is her greatest passion. She now resides in Hamburg with her dog Knut. Connect with Bineta on Twitter: @Bineta_Robbe and on Instagram: bineta_r



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