A Word from the Editor

I am so excited today to announce the release of our first annual anthology Raising Her Voice! Included in the anthology are both some of the best work we received in 2017 and also new and unpublished work, including the winners of our 2017 writing competitions. There are essays, short stories, and poetry by twenty-one women from around the world. I know you are going to love this anthology. When you purchase a copy of the anthology, you are supporting this journal and helping us in our mission of advancing and celebrating the voices of women and girls. So, please, order a copy for yourself and, if you’re able, one for some of the women in your life. Tell your friends! Help us spread the word!



While we are incredibly excited about the release of the anthology, we are just as excited about the work included in this week’s issue. You don’t want to miss an inspiring and incredibly timely essay about raising sons who respect women “Boys Will Be Boys?” by Allison Wischer, an engrossing short story “The Riches” by Natalie Campisi, and the gripping poem “A Chick’s Tale” by Ayşe Tekşen. 

Thank you for your continued support of the Same.


Rachel Holbrook

Editor in Chief

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