Issue 6.4 – Poetry

Issue 6 - Poetry (2)

Obsessions with the Moon and Nearly Iconoclastic Weather Aside,

& thanking Andre Breton, of course


I am dreaming of hair.

Hair, a halo of daemons, hair of memory

Swimming pool hair, after chlorine, after sun, salted ocean hair, little girl hair,

silky smooth straight parted hair, on the right, hippie girl parted in the center,

scare hair

Hair rubbed into love knits after ehhehhh

Hair cascading like an Emily Bronte fantasy. Heathcliffe hair, leaving and staying gone, hair riding across moors, hair in foul weather,

coming in for tea and scones, all butter and cream

Mary Poppins hair, magical having all the right medicines, cherry flavored hair,

Hair hopping toads to lily pond in Spring, gad about hair, feather torrent hair, whispering hair, telling secrets, what do I really think, really,

When alone, alone, alone

Sorrow hair, shedding and shedding the dead parts left, tearing out willingly,

Wanting to be hair, like vowels, hairs of ae io u,

Sometimes y hair

Hairs where small birds nest, singing, singing Kyrie Eleisons, singing

Inroads into small counties once part of the Soviet Bloc, hair like a peace flag,

hair flying, flung over the weeping of children, women, men,

hair that weaves back the Towers, unweaves September 11, hair that braids

the Caspian Sea oil deposits, pipeline hair

Whirling dervish hair, hair spun of gold, Rumplestiltskin hair, hair that knows its own name, hair that gyroscopes into planetary measurements, hair that divines new equations for time: hair =length x cellular age squared,

hair of platitudes and platelets, piñon hair,

Hair swishing placid off the rear end of horse, field hair, hair Pleiades,

Star hair,

Hair that’s a web of bewilderment, hair that dissuades you, hair that concludes

the lightning, occludes the raccoon’s clever hands,

deludes the Ford pick-up, hair that wanders down paths of thunder,

into fields of wildflowers, hair of hives, hair a buzz, hair over- wintered, sprouted full in April, poetry hair,

Writing lines that stream into the subverted future, curl into the past,

Wraps tendrils around the present, hair that leaks topaz light, hair that dolphins leap from, cranes dip and dive, Bosque hair,

Birthday hair, coots and terns and snow geese at dawn,

Hair of quiet, silent hair, death hair and birth hair, sweet fuzz on baby’s noggin, thinning hair over skull, praying hair, Hari Krishna hair, Bismillah hair, Boruch Atah hair,

Touching my hair, stroking my hair, puling out my hair, here here is my hair, hair today, gone tomorrow, haired silly, pulling out my tearing out my

Means to an end hair, exploitation of the masses hair, symphonic hair, hair jazz, hairhair hair, hardy ha ha hair having a good laugh,

Crepuscular jack of diamonds hair, laid out hair, hair dreaming of frogs, frogs dreaming of ashes, ashes dreaming of lilies, and pendulums and mothers with hair on their legs

I stare at my hair can’t bear my hair, pick split ends without end from my hair, don’t you dare say stop with your hair, with your hair stop


JudythHillJudyth Hill, poet, author, editor, teacher, lives in the aspen-swept mountains of Colorado. Educated at Sarah Lawrence College; a recipient of numerous literary grants, she is the current President of PEN San Miguel. Hill conducts workshops at conferences world-round, offers classes, manuscript editing and mentoring online at, and leads global WildWriting Culinary Adventures, Her nine published books of poetry include Dazzling Wobble and Tzimtzum. She is the author of the internationally acclaimed poem, Wage Peace. Judyth was described by the St. Helena Examiner as, “Energy with skin” and by the Denver Post as, “A tigress with a pen”. Connect with her on Twitter: @judyth_hill

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  1. This is lovely. Fantastic imagery and rhythm!


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