Issue 7.4 – Poetry

Issue 7 - Poetry (3)


The word fernweh means
I miss places I’ve never been
Cities I’ve never explored
And foreign roads I’ve never wandered through.
I miss the simple wanderlust of it all
Of waking up and not knowing what awaits
Carelessly meandering and finding beauty in the pleasure of the unknown.
And yet I still have an inability to find words to explain
How deeply and profoundly I love and miss
The places I have never been.
I miss them all
But most of all
I miss you.

— a letter to paris

alexis-for-email.jpgAlexis Derickson, a young, aspiring author, was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She currently intends on studying to pursue a future career relating to journalism and writing. Drawing inspiration from personal experience and words that resonate with her, Alexis aims to connect with her readers through her poems. As of right now, she recently published a blog,, which intertwines her love for writing and poetry with photography on a more formal platform for a wider audience. You can follow her there and on Instagram, @alexisderickson.

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