A Word from the Editor

Welcome to Issue 8.2!

I hope you all had a chance to read the winning poem from our Poetry Contest: “To The Woman Crying in the Airport Lounge” by Kim Dhillon. We published it along with an interview with Kim that you don’t want to miss. You can find it here!

We are planning another contest soon, as well as a new print publication. Keep an eye out for an announcement about those!

For today, we are thrilled as always to bring you three new pieces by three amazing women writers. In nonfiction, we have “Always Watching, Always Wondering” by Sara Ohlin. In fiction, we have “Color It Black” by Elizabeth Bolton. Finally, in poetry, I’m really excited to bring you a poem by fifteen-year-old poet, Kylie Goin.

Each of these three pieces are exceptional, and I know you’re going to enjoy them. Please take a moment and connect with these authors online and on their social media accounts to let them know you enjoyed their work. It’s always so nice to hear from your readers. Let’s lift each other up!

Until next time!


Rachel Holbrook

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