Issue 10.1 – Poetry

Issue 10 - Poetry

The moon

Wears her craters like you

Wear your stretch marks.

Like war paint

As though asteroids and debris isn’t constantly crashing

Into her skin

As if on most days, even when she is whole

She is only seen as a fraction

Hanging in blackness

As if her dark side isn’t easy to forget


Still she lends the sky her light

Smothers the night in her grace

Wears her craters like they were the most beautiful

Things to possess


unnamed (4)Deneka Thomas is a 24-year-old Caribbean poet and Writer from Trinidad and Tobago. Her writing is a happy marriage of campaigning for women’s rights and a pure fascination of the earth and its ecology. These combine to create her personal brand of ecofeminism. Her work is a force that challenges and probes everything that concerns existing. She is an activist, performer with The 2 Cents movement and the Lead Teaching Artist and Project Manager of Girl Be Heard Trinidad and Tobago. Deneka’s work often speaks against gender inequality, advocates for women, encourages self and body image appreciation and exhorts environmental awareness. Her most recent publication is her poem “Discover” published in The Shade Journal. Check out her website and connect with her on Twitter: @lotusflowerpoet

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