Current Calls for Submissions

Today, we want to spotlight our current calls for submissions as we try to connect with authors who would like to publish with us. From the inception of the Same, it has been our mission to elevate women’s voices. We want to celebrate the incredible diversity of talent among the women who publish with us, and we want to connect with new readers every day.

The following is a list of our current calls. Please share with your writerly friends. If you’ve thought about submitting to the Same but haven’t yet done so, what better time than now? We strive to be a warm and welcoming journal to work with. We’ve been around for a little less than a year, so, when it comes to our paid contests, we don’t get nearly the amount of submissions that more established journals get. What does that mean for you? Your chances of winning are really good!

Short Story Contest

Our short story contest is ending soon! The deadline is June 15th. 1st prize is $100, 2nd prize is $50, and 3rd prize is $25. The theme is “Freedom,” and you are welcome to interpret that any way you choose. The winner will be included in our annual print anthology, and runners up will be published in one of our weekly issues. We will announce a shortlist of finalists in Issue 10.4 and announce the winners on July 4th. As always, a portion of each entry fee will be donated to to empower women and girls around the world.

Themed Anthology

We are also currently accepting submissions for our themed anthology. The deadline to submit is June 30th. The theme is “Faith.” Faith in God, faith in yourself, losing faith . . . this theme is open to interpretation. Send us your best nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. (If you would like to take a look at our first print anthology, you can find it here.)


I hope you’ve been enjoying our second featured serial, “Through a Mirror Clear” by Melissa Hunter. After the conclusion of our current serial, we will be running a new serial on Fridays. If you would like that to be yours, you can pitch your idea and, if we like it, send us your submission with no reading fee. We pay $75 for serials.

Flash Fiction & Short Stories

We accept fiction submissions on a rolling basis with no reading fees.

Creative Nonfiction & Essays

We accept nonfiction submissions on a rolling basis with no reading fees.


We accept poetry submissions on a rolling basis, but we do charge a small reading fee. The reason we charge a reading fee for poetry but not other submissions is due to the large amount of poetry submissions we receive. It helps ensure we are receiving quality work and allows us to accept work in the other categories with no fee.

Micropoetry & Microfiction

We accept microwork on a rolling basis, and we currently accept submissions in this category with no reading fee. In the past, we have had to charge a reading fee because of a massive amount of submissions, but, for now, we are able to accept them with no fee.


We accept interviews with interesting women on a rolling basis. We love to hear about how women are doing good in the world and impacting the lives of those they interact with.

You can find all the details for each category and submit through our Submittable page.

We are growing quickly and are proud to publish quality work by women around the world. We would love for you to be our next contributor!



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