Microwork – The Art of Non-Verbal Nuance

the art of non-verbal nuance
the world is noisy as your neurons fade, but I
hear you, anyway—louder than a ship’s blow
in a fog-storm. I will never stop-

JenBioPic_PassportSizeJennifer Wolkin is health and neuro psychologist, speaker, mental health advocate, and mindfulness-meditation practitioner.  She just started her MFA in creative writing and literary translation at Queens College, and couldn’t be happier about pursuing this dream. She is most passionate about writing at the intersection where the mind, body, brain and spirit meet -about the holistic human experience- through the eyes of both, her own experience, and through her professional lens.  She translates and shares the science of mindfulness and brain research on her blog Braincurves.com. Her twitter handle is @Braincurves.

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