Issue 12.4

Issue 12 - Poetry (3)

Young, but you were never really innocent

The imprint I left on the past

I want to say a few words

To guide you until you catch up with me

I have come to accept what is inside of me

I don’t ask why anymore

But you, I know you ask

You will plead your case to the sky until your voice is hoarse

You will question your very foundations

Until your screams get stuck in your throat

But you must keep walking

There will be dark nights when the house creaks and moans under your weight

When all your ghosts and demons will come to play

You will beg yourself to cry but no tears will come

But you must keep walking

You will be alone so often that your heart will hear it’s own echo

You will laugh with strangers but be cursed to live with yourself

You will have to grapple with your own unsafe mind without other’s help

But you must keep walking

You will hear the siren song of the blade and it will seduce you

You will fall under its spell

You will mark your body with terrible scars

But you must keep walking

You will walk through the valley of the shadow of death until your feet bleed

Sometimes, crippled by your own weight

Others, head held high, willfull and dangerous

Death will infect your thoughts and dreams

But you will live

You must live

You must keep walking

Holiday V. Honeycutt is a born and raised New Yorker. After attending The George Washington University she went on to attend culinary school in NYC, the city she loves more than anything else in the world. Her interest in culture has brought her to many corners of the world to experience new art, architecture and food. On her better days, Holiday enjoys shopping for jewelry, dabbling in the 24 hour news cycle and drinking sparkling wine. Frustrations with her health have inspired her to document her struggles in the form of poetry.

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