A Word from the Editor

We are so excited to launch our new web journal, the Same!  Our mission is to advance and celebrate the voices of women and girls.

When we first envisioned this journal, we planned to exclusively publish nonfiction. Women telling their own, personal stories. However, when we put out the call for submissions, we realized we wanted to celebrate not just the lives and personal stories of women but also their passions and talents. We began accepting submissions of fiction and poetry and have been blown away by the warm response and the wonderful work we received.

In our first weekly edition, we are highlighting the work of three authors. Amy J.E. MacKenzie presents us with a portrait of her relationship with her late father in her creative nonfiction piece, Ashes. Remains. My Father. Laura Pearson brings us a fictional story about the relationships between a woman and those she loves most in her short story, Not Only Mine. Janet Reed writes of the reality of what it is to be a woman in a “man’s world” in her poem, Our Sister, Mary Magdalene.

 We hope you will enjoy these pieces and will connect with the authors on social media and at their various online homes. As we connect with each other, we believe we will realize that we are all connected by the common thread of womanhood, and, in spite of our different lives, situations, generations, and all other dividing lines . . .  the more things change, the more they stay the same!


Rachel Holbrook

Editor at the Same

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