A Word from the Editor

Issue 1.3 is here, and we are so excited for our readers . . . hailing from 17 countries (so far!) around the world . . . to become acquainted with three new authors. It is our great pleasure to connect thoughtful readers with talented writers.

In Issue 1.3, Hannah England’s personal essay, “Superficial Equality,” deftly relays what it’s like to be the “token gay family” on the block. In her fiction piece, “Sloppy Tomatoes,” Joie Gibson draws us into a rocky relationship between mother and daughter. Finally, Mildred Lewis’ poem, “Tang,” sets us down in a sun-warmed field to experience through her poetry the connection between women that we celebrate in the Same.

We hope you will enjoy these three pieces and will connect with the authors on social media and at their various online homes. As we connect with each other, we believe we will realize that we are all connected by the common thread of womanhood, and, in spite of our different lives, situations, generations, and all other dividing lines . . .  the more things change, the more they stay the same!


Rachel Holbrook

Editor at the Same


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