A Word from the Editor

I’m so thrilled to present Issue 2.3 to you today! The last week has represented the biggest growth of the journal since its inception. We have reached readers in 55 countries and counting. I hope you’re not getting tired of hearing about this; it’s been my favorite stat to follow! I love knowing how far our contributors’ words are going to reach readers—around the world! From Saudi Arabia to Serbia. From Puerto Rico to the Philippines. From South Korea to South Sudan. From the US to the UK to Uganda. We are so proud to be a vehicle propelling the voices of women and girls forward throughout the world.

This week, we’re excited to tell you about our two writing competitions. the Same is hosting both a Short Story and a Personal Essay/Creative Nonfiction competition, open to all women and girls. The winners of each competition will receive $50 cash and publication in the annual print anthology. Second and third runners up will also receive publication in the print anthology. You can find the guidelines and entry form at our Submittable page. Please feel free to share this far and wide. We want as many girls and women as possible to take part in this writing opportunity!

As for this week’s issue, we are delighted to present a nonfiction piece by Jennifer Gregory that, regardless of your political leanings, we hope will make you think, an author interview with Jennifer Hultz the author of the amazing children’s book, “Hopkins Goes to the Beach”, and a lovely poem about growing up by a young poet, Kyra Harmon. We’re confidant you will enjoy these pieces, and we hope you will connect with these women via their websites and social media platforms.

Here’s to another fantastic issue!


Rachel Holbrook

Editor of the Same

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