A Word from the Editor

Happy Monday!

I’ve come to love Mondays. Publication day has become the highlight of my week. It’s incredibly rewarding to share the work of such amazing women writers with the world. It’s so much fun to see the connections that are happening between women who are separated by oceans and generations but are coming together through their shared love of the written word!

the Same continues to grow with each passing week. Both in regard to readership and in submissions. We are actively reading work by women from around the world, and have had the pleasure to accept pieces from an extremely diverse and varied group of women and girls. Readers are finding this journal and coming back week after week.

In light of that growth, we are happy to welcome a new Social Media Manager to the team here at the Same. Amy MacKenzie is a past contributor to the journal . . . you may remember her piece, “Ashes. Remains. My Father.” from the very first issue. Amy has been a constant supporter and promoter of the Same, and is now volunteering her time to help us in our mission of advancing and celebrating the voices of women and girls.

In today’s issue, we know you’re going to love three new pieces by three talented women. In her essay “The Theft and Recovery of Hope”, Jennie Miller writes about her journey from infertility to motherhood through adoption. In her short story “Grundy’s”, Joie Gibson, a return contributor to the journal, writes about the relationship between a small-town brother and his lesbian sister. Poet Megan Wildhood captures a moment of girlhood in her lovely poem “Young for Now.” If you enjoy these pieces, please connect with these authors on their social media accounts and let them know!

Thank you to all of you who come back week after week, share our links, and tell your friends about our journal. Above all, thanks to all the women and girls who share their stories with us each week!


Rachel Holbrook


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