Issue 2.5 – Poetry

Let us pausefor a moment and pray. (34)


Find what turns your soul into a hummingbird.

Your heart into a nest.


Chase the great heart of the world.

Run vibrantly to the point

where ascension begins.


Don’t trust anyone who feels endangered

in the reflection of your radiant safety.

You are a rose

protect your own petals.

Use your marvelous thorns.


Inhale inspiration. Exhale poetry.

Claim your beautiful truth.


kayla author picKayla Bashe is a student at Sarah Lawrence College. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in Strange Horizons, Liminality Magazine, Mirror Dance, Ink and Locket’s “LBGT Warriors” anthology, Cicada Magazine, and The Future Fire. She has also released several novellas. Find her on Twitter at @KaylaBashe.

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