A Word from the Editor

Welcome to Issue 3.1! We have a fabulous issue to tell you about, but, first, an announcement:

Starting this week, we will be running serials on Thursdays!

This second day of content will be an ongoing feature. When one serial ends, a new one will begin. In case you’re not familiar with the serial format of storytelling, it’s basically one story told in weekly installments. The plan is to start this new day of content with my own serial, Little River, to serve as a model of what we’re looking for. We will soon start accepting submissions of serials, and, upon acceptance, we will be very proud to pay our authors for their contributions. (Our serials will be a separate entity from the issues of the journal and won’t be considered for inclusion in the anthology.) We are really excited about this new offering, and we really hope you will enjoy it!

Now, on to what you’ve come for! In Issue 3.1, we are pleased to bring you three new pieces of literature by three amazing women writers. In Stephanie Williams’ personal essay, “Imaginary Debt,” we know many of you will recognize the struggle of a working mom entering new motherhood and redefining her life. In Anne Hamilton’s short story, “No Human Error,” we struggle with the protagonists through their heartbreaking loss of their baby. Finally, in Kelsey May’s brilliantly crafted poem, “Mr and Mrs”, we dare you not to smile! We know you’re going to enjoy the work these women have brought us this week, and we hope you will connect with them on their social media and other online homes.

Until next time!


Rachel Holbrook


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