Issue 3.2 – Fiction

The Fighter

Beads of sweat rolled down her face as she stood like a statue. Any movement or shift in her weight could mean the end. She fought the system and stigmas to end up with her foot over a land mine. She wanted to fight for her country, but she was going to die in a God-forsaken place with people who were terrified of her and whose language she didn’t even speak. The enemy approached with guns drawn. They wanted her alive, but she wanted to choose her own end. As they drew closer, she lifted her foot.


Indra sammy (2)An early enchantment with West Indian Literature fueled Indira Sammy’s fascination with the reading and writing of epic stories; a passion which has since transcended borders and cultures, to simply embrace ‘imagination’. She pens skits, monologues and even poetic works as opportunities present themselves. Naturally, this mother of two, confirms that her children are indeed her greatest inspiration. Indira is from Trinidad and Tobago.  

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  1. Richard McKnight says:

    You go girl!


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