Issue 3.2 – Poetry

Imaginary Debt (1)


Do you remember the day

we entered our new home?

The stark, empty spaces

weren’t really empty, were they?

They were filled—every corner and crevice,

with an air of hope, anticipation

and yes, with love.


The bare walls

picked up those naughty giggles,

multiplied them manifold

and threw them back at us.

I remember riding the waves

in that sea of giggles,

with your hands in mine.


Our excited banter

crashed and banged against each other.

You teased me. I tripped

and fell over you as I tried to stop you.

Me- punching your chest

with a chuckle, you—flailing

your arms in mock anguish;


one would have thought we were at war.


But we weren’t at war then.

It is now—surrounded by

our favourite brands of gadgets,

tables, chairs, beds, cabinets,

pots, pans, art and what not-

it is now, that we are at war.


These lifeless hoards

that fill our house, they absorb words

sooner than they leave our tongue

abandoning us in a warped emptiness

where we throw arrows at each other

from a quiver full of silence.


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Priya Narayanan is a children’s author, poet and writer based in Ahmedabad, India. When not practicing and teaching design, she likes to travel, paint and read. Born in a quaint village but brought up amidst the hustle and bustle of various cities across the country, she has had the opportunity to not only observe and assimilate but also question the innumerable subcultures and customs that envelope her everyday life. With a part of her still yearning for the quiet solitude of the countryside, she falls back upon writing for that sense of contentment and at times, closure. You can find Priya at and on Twitter at @moonspotting


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