Issue 3.3 – Poetry

Imaginary Debt (2)

long time friend

get together after many years

i stay at her place on the beach

feeding cats, watering plants

beautiful ocean view

ah, this is where i’ll work on my next book!

a magnet on the fridge says:

‘men are like floor tiles

if you lay them right the first time,

you can walk all over them for years’

she leaves her christmas tree and lights

up all year

we share a very nice but quick dinner

before she leaves for the airport

the napkins read:

‘enjoy these delicious moments!’

she takes a few for her carry-on

and says:

“here’s the key

remember fresh water and wet food everyday

for the cats

and the plants on the balcony too,

thanks sis and its so great to have you here”

“oh & i keep a knife

in the basket by the door

its a real good one

from scuba class”

(she takes the knife out and shows it to me

she’s right, it is a good one, a very nice knife)

she tosses it back into the basket by the door

and says

“its a jungle out there

you know a girls always

gotta be on the look-out

always gotta stay protected”


510.jpgAva Bird is a pranic artist practicing presence and poetry from the places of heart and soul and beyond.   Also, an author, a mixologist, a mythbreaker, a sharer, a comedian and a chef of many proportions. Her works are printed in historical anthologies, academic journals, spiritual publications, online, recorded for radio and with music and exhibited in galleries. She has organized and produced various kinds of events including the great art movement ‘100Thousand Poets for Change,” a universal gathering of worldwide poets and artists promoting equality, peace, justice, sustainability for the planets and beings, global love and positive changes for all & more. May all beings be happy and free! Connect with Ava on Facebook and her blog!

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