Issue 3.4 – Poetry

Imaginary Debt (3)

The spectrum of truth unbinds perceptions 

If you listen carefully,

there is verity 

under every lie that salts our wounds 

Like the breaker-

that seasons beaches

of grit and unease 

contains real kelp of solid green

Unpatterned, unbidden our weaknesses

sing tales of truth

These seahorses of our caged soul anemones, 

that we tame 

in a lifetimes’ growing

They reflect our reality 

with an inerrant knowing 

Would you like to play some more?

With who you are 

Before its twilight,

before its noon tide?

Before the foam curls too high and mighty

and consumes your final shore? 


Aparna Sanyal Portrait 1A MA from Kings College, London, Aparna is a writer, theatre producer, and award- winning furniture designer. A popular Spoken Word poet, she performs at events across venues in India. Her page poetry has appeared/ is forthcoming in literary journals such as Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, The Visitant, The Same, Leaves of Ink, The Paragon Journal, Califragile, Duane’s Poetree, A Writer’s Haven Blog, et al. She lives with her 3-year-old son and husband in Pune, India. You can connect with her on Facebook.

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