The Little Things – MicroWork

The Weight of Waiting
The altar of my heart collapsed
            Under the weight
                 Of waiting.

mememeYania is a Puerto Rican bruja/writer/artist and suicide prevention advocate/SME. Her work has been published and/or featured in Aberration Labyrinth, Tupelo Press 30/30 project, The Write Launch, and is pending publication in the first A Room of Her Own anthology as well as Military Experience and the Arts. Her academic pursuits include Jungian psychology and the use of ritual in trauma integration. She lives in Connecticut, and is often seen bantering with bandidos, bourbon in hand.
Instagram: BQBangs Twitter: @bqbangs

An Open Letter from Schrodinger’s Cat

Why did you open the box?

senior_photo (1)Li-Anne Wright is a student at Chapel Hill High School in North Carolina where she is an editor and layout manager for the Different Drummer literary magazine. She likes warm socks and words, often at the same time. She can found on Medium at @liannewright.



Cold Stone, Warm Heart

The man sat on the ground with a radio in his right hand, leaned against
the stone, and contemplated the landscape in front of him. “This isn’t
bad at all,” he said out loud, although there was no one around to hear
it. “It’s a nice place to rest.” He closed his eyes, and turned the radio on,
a ballad starting to play. He stayed still, listening. When it was over, he
stood up. “Well, another birthday, Honey. Daddy misses you every day,”
he said, avoiding looking at the dates written on the stone.

F44703AE5B1D413CA4F0CC474BD8554FArianna Marino was born in Valencia, Venezuela, on October 20, 2000. She graduated from High School in 2017, and will be attending university in Venezuela in 2018. She has been writing fiction stories since she was very young, and has plans on continuing to do so for as long as she’s able. Twitter: @arimarinov

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