A Word from the Editor

This is going to be short and sweet today. I apologize for the late publication this week. I was stranded in Dallas without my laptop on my way home from California, and then arrived home to no Internet. It’s all good now, though, and I’m delighted to bring you Issue 7.1!

I know you’re going to love this week’s pieces. We’re bringing you a touching personal essay called “When Utopia Waved at Me” by Uma Chellappa, a coming-of-age story by Mary Mack titled “Innocence Lost,” and a wonderful poem by Hannah Kesling called “The Story Your Mother Told While She Pulled Cactus Spines from Your Forearm.” Do connect with these women online and let them know you enjoyed their work.

One quick note before signing off . . .
The Poetry Contest closed on Wednesday, and we are reading submissions now. We will release a short list in a couple weeks, followed by the winner a week after that. Keep an eye on our Social Media for exact dates as they are determined.

Until next time!

Rachel Holbrook

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