A Word from the Editor

Welcome to Issue 7.3!

I have had the distinct pleasure of reading through all the submissions to our first poetry contest over the last two weeks, and I have been blown away by the profound beauty in the words so many of you have shared with the Same. The talented women who entered their poetry into our contest have much to be proud of! I’m very pleased to share this short list of ten finalists whose poems have risen to the top. We will announce the winner in Issue 8.1.

Without further ado (and in no particular order):

  • Grandma’s House by Nicole Helm
  • How I Wished to Be His Cat by Rima Ruhman
  • Ich bedauere . . . (I regret . . . ) by Whitney Walters
  • Black Girl Magic by Monica Prince
  • Aglow by Ann Wallace
  • Tiny Beauty by Rebeca Ervin
  • To My Maybe Someday but Probably Never Mother-in-Law by Marie Lance
  • Talisman by LeAnn Bjerken
  • To the Men Who Do Not Ask Me to Love Them by Sydney Bivens
  • To the Woman Crying in the Airport Lounge by Kim Dhillon


In this week’s issue, we bring you a personal essay that will speak to the young book-lover in all of us . . . “The Yellow Library Card” by two-time contributor Chantel Sandbach. Victoria Bird’s short fiction piece “Set Out Early” is going to strike a chord in the hearts of many of you, I know. Finally, I know you’ll be moved by Joanna Kurimsky’s gorgeous poem “Pocket Meditation.” Please connect with these women via their social media and websites and let them know that you enjoyed their work!

Until next time!


Rachel Holbrook

Editor in Chief

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