The Little Things – Microwork

Reckoning of a River

The river’s bank was quiet.

It gave no response, not even when the girl dipped her toes into the shallow parts of the water, swaying her feet back and forth. The river had its own language, she supposed, one she didn’t understand, or was not allowed to understand because it spoke of secrets—riddled mysteries it wished to keep hidden in streams and lakes and waterfalls. She concluded that it was fair, since the river didn’t understand her tongue either.

But still, it’d be nice.

If someone or something could understand her, even if it was just for a while.


IMG_2339Asbah Shah is an aspiring novelist and poet. Originally born and raised in London, England, she now lives with her family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When she isn’t roaming around Hogwarts, or wondering around Wonderland, you’ll find her writing away in local bookshops and coffeehouses in the Milwaukee area. She enjoys traveling, vintage aesthetic, 19th century literature, and music on her record player. She is currently pursuing a BA in English in Creative Writing and Literature, and working on her first dark fantasy novel. Connect with her on her blog and on Twitter: @__Ashhyy

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