Issue 11.2 – Poetry

Issue 11 - Poetry (1)

I love when we get together and share a bottle of wine, or a carafe of sangria.

I love when you ask if I’m staying for dinner.

I love when you go out of your way to ask how I’m doing and if I need a lunch date because the answer is almost always yes.

I love when we bond over how dumb men are—your son included.

I love that you check in on me as if I were your own.

I love that you understand my eye rolls, and feel the need to constantly tell your son we’d make a lovely couple.

I know.

My mom says the same thing.

I love that you love me enough to continue to ask why we’re not together and suggest that I come to family dinner.

I love when you say that you see yourself in me.

I love you.

My Maybe Someday, but Probably Never Mother-In-Law.

img_5833.jpgMarie is a recent graduate of Denison University where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Chemistry. A self-described “concrete thinker” and “recovering poetry hater”, Marie found writing to be the only way she could express her grief after her Dad died in November of 2016. She currently lives in Delaware, Ohio where she works several odd jobs and entertains the dream of someday being a teacher. She can be found on Twitter @LadyMarieWrites and Instagram @lady.marie.writes. She would like to give a special thanks to the Death and Dying Poetry Club for all their support and encouragement. 

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