Issue 13.1 – Poetry

Issue 13 - Poetry


Vacation means

12 hours in a park we know by heart.


One churro, one hot pretzel,

one Mint Julep sweating through a paper cup.


The first night of vacation means

convenience store pizza on Fifth Avenue,


the man behind the counter with wax-white skin

and eyes filmed over like a butterfly wing.


“I can’t wait to get out of here, escape the grind,” he says,

the way he always does.

kmatuszakKatherine Matuszak is a fiction writer living in the Bay Area. She writes full-time for, and is a regular contributor to 65/57 Degrees, a local lifestyle magazine. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from CSU East Bay, and her short fiction and poetry has appeared in blink-ink, Foliate Oak, and Her Heart Poetry magazines. When she isn’t working on her novel-in-progress, she’s playing roller derby with the Undead Bettys. Connect with her on Twitter: @kmatuszakwrites 

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