Book Review: Beneath the Citadel

Beneath the Citadel follows a ragtag group of rebels as they attempt to infiltrate the citadel. They believe the government is hiding the reason that citizens of the city keep falling dead and they are determined to uncover the truth. This book is full of diverse characters fighting a corrupt government and has a plot that will keep you flipping the pages.

The cast of characters are all very three dimensional. There are flashback scenes that show memories of each character that have shaped them into who they are, giving each character a complex back story. The characters are also incredibly diverse. Alys, who is a diviner, is asexual and struggles with crippling anxiety. Newt, a contortionist, is gay and has suffered extreme trauma and probably has PTSD. Evander, who is blood bonded to silver, is bisexual. Then there is also Vesper, who can steal memories and Cassa, their leader. These types of characters represent the LGBTQ community and mental illnesses, but they are developed so well that their stories feel exceptionally genuine.

Destiny Soria does a great job weaving this fantasy world and bringing it to life. The different types of magic that exist in this world makes for a very interesting story. Rooks, or those that can steal memories, are probably my favorite because of how powerful they are. The way that these different abilities are described really helps bring this fantasy world to life.

The plot is incredibly captivating. The action hardly ever stops and there’s a quick- moving pace to the book. The tension is built up well for the rising action and climax. There are also twists to this tale that you will never see coming.

Beneath the Citadel is absolute fantasy gold. Destiny Soria gives you characters that you adore and places them in a fantasy world that is dark and magical and then creates a plot full of action and unexpected surprises. This book is a hidden gem. The cover drew me in, but the writing made me a fan. Keep an eye on Destiny Soria, because she very well might become your next favorite young adult fantasy author.

IMG_20180522_184951_474Amanda Wilcox is a voracious reader and loves writing in all forms. She has written reviews of various books for the past four years. She also runs her own book review blog where she creates content related to the book community and publishes her reviews. She lives in Rochester, NY and is often found with a book in her hand and her dog on her lap. You can follow her blog connect with her on Twitter: @mankaa23


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