Issue 15.2 – Poetry

Issue 15 - Poetry (1)

Dear Mom:
Remember when you used to tuck me in?

White and pink crocheted blanket

Nestled in next to the soft black cat

Bedtime stories, wait!

One more, please. Please?


Remember those fights we used to have?

We screamed at each other

Doors were slammed, shattered

You didn’t understand my hormones

And I didn’t understand how to make you understand?


Remember when you tried

To introduce me to nu-wave

Duran Duran and Depeche Mode

The Smiths and Gary Numan

And I shrugged it off with my (obviously) superior teenage musical knowledge?


Remember what it was like

When I finally realized

I was in the goth club

In fishnets and lace, just like you

Dancing as a mirror image 30 years later?


Remember that conversation?

Remember the joy we felt

At having that shared connection

Finally having reached understanding –

Relational enlightenment


And now you’re sick

And now I’m 1,000 miles away

And now I’m unsure what to do

All I hope you remember is this:

I love you

And forever my mommy you’ll be


Stephanie “Steph” Abril is a graduate of Arizona State University, formerly from South Phoenix, AZ. Writing is her first love. She is passionate about volunteering, fostering community, yoga, and her two cats. When she is not at her day job, writing, or working on graduate school applications, she is crafting for her witchy business Persephone’s Path Herbals. She currently resides in Austin, TX.

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  1. Stephanie, thank you and I love you dearly 💜. Those memories, good and not so good (will never say bad) are etched in me and will always be there. You are and always will be my very special blessing.


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