Issue 16.4 – Poetry

Issue 16 - Poetry (4)

The bed.



he braids my hair
with threads of silver



he puts lilac petals
down my spine



he leaves yellow marks
on my memory foam skin.



The floor.


my body grinds
like a mill of desire



I beg bitterly,
with silenced eyes



strong arms
refuse to face defeat.



The door.



his eyes change
from ocean to iron



posessed hands
spread my legs



honey tongue.
nauseous bones.


my hands are tied
to the walls of his cage.

untitled-2-2 (3)

Eivor Slågedal is 21 years old and was born and raised in a rural town in southern Norway. She is currently living in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) studying literature. Her main interests lie within poetry, drawing inspiration mainly from nature, but also feminism, intimacy and sexuality. She writes in both Norwegian and English. With her writing, she tries to touch sensitive topics such as mental health or female sexuality, exploring the concept of taboo.

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