A Word from the Editor

What an exciting week it’s been since announcing the release of “Raising Her Voice” is Issue 5.4! It’s been so great to watch the buzz on social media and hear from people who have gotten their copy of the anthology. I’m so very proud of the work of each and every woman who contributed to the anthology. Please continue to spread the word. Each sale helps ensure that we can keep doing what we’re doing.

The readership of the Same continues to grow as we approach the 90-country mark! It gives me no small satisfaction to know that, when I have the privilege to publish the work of talented women and girls each week, their work is being read around the world!

This week, I’m excited to bring you Issue 5.5! I know you’re going to enjoy a fine, feminist personal essay by Terrye Turpin called “The Changing Room,” a poignant short story by Charlotte Hammond called “B3,” and a lovely poem by seventeen-year-old poet Olivia Harris entitled “Resurrected.” Please connect with these women online and let them know you enjoyed reading their work!

Until next time!


Rachel Holbrook

Editor in Chief

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