Issue 8.2 – Poetry

Issue 8 - Poetry (1)

I love you,

not in the romantic sense, I don’t want to date you.

I just love you in the way

that I get tingles in my chest when I see you

and laugh with you.

The way I love you

is a nervous kind of love,

a cute little laugh over a steamed cup of coffee

kind of love.

The kind of love that made me think maybe this relationship bullshit

isn’t such bullshit after all.

Maybe two people can bare their souls to one another

and not be burned alive in the process.

I feel lighter around you,

lighter than I ever have

in my fifteen years on this Earth.

I want you to be

my partner in crime

for the rest of our lives and

it physically pains me to think

we won’t be by each others’ side in three years.

I hope we never grow apart

and although I know that it’s unrealistic to think that

I still can’t help but wonder

what if I never have another best friend like you


Kylie Goin is a high school sophomore in Northern Virginia. She has been writing poetry both in and out of her English classes for more than two years now and submitted her piece on a whim after hearing about the website from her Creative Writing teacher. A Different Type of Love describes her love and respect for her best friend who’s stuck with her through thick and thin. She’s continuing to write and work on more poetry in her free time. Connect with her on Twitter: @Chickwithstic

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